Cassandra grew up in a family always packing bags for their next trip.  She has lived all across the United States, as well as England and Spain, and has traveled extensively around the globe. Originally arriving in the Crescent City to attend Loyola University nearly thirty years ago, Cassandra has been laying down New Orleans roots ever since.

“I was reborn in New Orleans at eighteen", Cassandra says playfully when folks ask if she is from New Orleans, "I have loved sharing the uniqueness of the Crescent City ever since. “

Cassandra has studied New Orleans’ history, cuisine, volunteered at a historic home in the French Quarter, and worked in the city’s hotels. But it is out on the streets, marveling at the city's great architecture, walking under the live oaks, parading to the beat of a brass band, where Cassandra believes one truly discovers the Soul of NOLA.

From 2012- 2016 was the producer of Spotlight New Orleans with John Calhoun, New Orleans’ own late night style talk show. 

In that capacity, Cassandra worked closely with some of the city's best musical talent and presented a variety of celebrated New Orleans' culture bearers - authors, film makers, activists. It proved to be an enriching experience. Learning from that, Cassandra gives insights to New Orleans’ contemporary culture.

Cassandra’s father, Fred, was always traveling. He had a huge sense of adventure and always insisted, “You’ll find the best places by asking the locals!”. Cassandra couldn't agree more.

When she is not in New Orleans, Cassandra is most likely traveling somewhere where she can speak Spanish.

Tours en español también-¡claro!