"I decided to give myself a special treat and hire a personal guide on my trip to New Orleans. From our communication prior to my arrival I was confident she was invested in my experience. Meeting her we had instant rapport, like meeting an old friend. She made our group feel comfortable and was intuitive to our personalities. Our last evening in New Orleans was absolutely spectacular, as she picked a local restaurant with the best jazz band playing in town. We will talk about this evening for a long time, which we felt epitomized our experience in New Orleans-warm, welcoming, and fun. Thanks Cassandra, you are the best.
-Amber G., Businesswoman, WPO member

"Cassandra is simply an outstanding guide and host.  Her love of New Orleans and understanding of her hometown stood out in our time with her. But it was her generosity and hospitality that really won us over.  When she learned our son was a musician and jazz guitar player with a respect for the New Orleans sound, she made arrangements for him to take a lesson from Carl Leblanc. But here is the thing that made this once in a lifetime opportunity so special...we didn’t ask for this or even know it could be done. She just made it happen. That was very cool. When someone does something like that for you, it moves beyond simply provided outstanding service. It is the start of good friendship. That is why we cannot recommend her enough."
-Chris Roddan, Canada

"NOLA is definitely a must go destination and Cassandra gives you an insider's perspective into all what makes NOLA truly magical. She guided us through the French Quarter from Bourbon Street to Frenchmen Street providing us with snippets of information and the back stories of the sights and sounds of NOLA. We stopped at a charming boutique hotel -- originally a plantation owner 's city home, an Al Fresco dinner at a restaurant where the chef-owner was the inspiration for the female chef in the HBO-series Treme, listened to jazz and jamming and topped it all with a killer frozen Irish coffee! Thank you Cassandra for sharing your love of NOLA with us."
Neela and Lalit Jayaratnam, New York, NY


"My wife Margaret and I had a fabulous time with you in your New Orleans. Your knowledge of the history of the city as well as the food and drink aspect made our visit memorable. And, of course, the valuable info on the music scene was great. Thanks again."
-Richard G., Miami, FL

“I have always enjoyed New Orleans and have visited 4 or 5 times over the years. It was not until I was lucky enough to get a tour from Cassandra that it became my favorite city in the entire country. In 3 hours she exposed me to New Orleans in a way that I had not previously experienced. Her presentation is straight forward, but knowledgeable….deep, but friendly and accessible...fun, without being frivolous...thorough, without being tiring. I could not imagine ever visiting the city again without it including a few hours with Cassandra.”
-R. Feely, Mortgage Broker, Bethesda MD

"What a great time you showed us. Even though all of us thought we knew a lot about N'awlins, turns out we did not! We went to Tulane too long ago to mention and have been back a number of times. However, as many times as I have walked the Quarter, I learned so much. It was not only interesting, but fun. And the Vietnamese coffee shop was great. It always does my heart good to see an immigrant family come and make such a success.  Anyway, the tour and the touts....music and food....were all great and our trip to NOLA was greatly enhanced by your input."
-Robert Frehling, Miami FL