Do you have dreams of meeting your favorite New Orleans musician? Have you ever wondered about the inspiration behind your favorite New Orleans artist?  Soul of NOLA can help you realize these dreams and give you the opportunity to spend time and learn from the very special local talents in our circle.

Carl LeBlanc

Carl LeBlanc

What about a music lesson with a legendary New Orleans musician?    One lucky sixteen year old had a class with master guitarist Carl LeBlanc. “It was a once in a lifetime experience! “ Indeed, considering Carl has played everyone from Sun Ra to Fats Domino. For non  musicians Carl will do the history of New Orleans music using his guitar to tell the story.  Seriously, just being around Carl makes you feel cooler.   http://carlleblanc.com 


Do you plan another instrument?  We’ve got lots of connections, let us know what you play.






Visit the studio of photographer Christopher Porché West. Christopher is an award‐winning photographer and artist who has been documenting the people and culture of News Orleans for 30 years.

Bruce Davenport Jr. and Cassandra Snyder

Bruce Davenport Jr. and Cassandra Snyder




Meet folk artist Bruce Davenport Jr.  Bruce makes colorful images of the high school marching bands during Mardi Gras parades. His art has traveled the world, but he’s most often found in the infamous Lower Ninth Ward where he lives and works. He’s quite a character.  http://arthurrogergallery.com/exhibition/bruce-davenport-jr/


Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas came out in 2013 to much acclaim. It may be the new defining book about New Orleans, weaving essays and breathtakingly beautiful “atlas” images. It was co-authored by Rebecca Snedeker (she’s also a local filmmaker). Curious to meet Rebecca and chat about the book over coffee or a drink? She’s simply charming.

Somebody else you would like to meet?
Let us know who you are curious about. We’ll see if we can make happen, so you can dig in deeper.

NOTE: Prices for music lessons and specials arrangements vary.