2.5 hours *$350 – up to six people
*Additional: fees to enter clubs & drinks. Estimate $25- $75 for entry per person. Cost of drinks not included.

We can accommodate larger groups, please contact us for pricing.

Traditional Jazz? Brass Band music? Swing? Straight Ahead Jazz? We've got it all! New Orleans is world-renowned for it's music, let’s go experience it! We’ll hit a couple of clubs or listen to some brass bands playing in the streets. As we walk, I will explain the musical history of New Orleans, and the fascinating cultural threads that brings us to New Orleans music today. Daylight permitting we’ll go to Congo Square, hallowed grounds for musicians. Feeling hungry?We’ll stop for a bite. Soul of NOLA has the inside scoop on many musical talents and the hottest venues. We’ll go off the beaten path to discover outstanding music, guaranteed! Tailored to your tastes, as are all our excursion.


Email us to schedule, please tell us your preferred date, we'll be in communication.

•Some venues are free, although they will have one drink minimum.
•Tipping the musicians is expected and encouraged.
•Walking up to 2 miles- let us know if we need to adjust, we’re flexible!